Gain insight and value-driven data about your hub, allocate your resources and stay connected with your community. 

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Boost your innovation hub

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Get an overview of people, competencies and projects in your innovation hub.

Resource sharing

EnableMagic automates sharing of resources and makes it easier to navigate through the resources and services of your innovation hub.

Insight & data

Stop chasing the insight you need! EnableMagic gathers, analyzes and neatly presents valuable insight.



Members and their


Startups and their traction

Events & activities and

their attendees

Resource sharing 

Easily manage access levels to the resources available in your hub

Make it easy for your startups to find what they need when they need it

Connect and share knowledge with each other

Insight & data

Get an executive picture of how your community is doing

Take actions based on understandable data

Improve and build your hub’s database and ecosystem


"We believe your potential deserves discovering."

Save time and resources

Your time is valuable. We give you total overview and insight of your innovation hub, so you always know what to spend your time on.

Increase the value of your innovation hub

Maximize the forces within your innovation hub. We structure and unbar the resources in your Hub. This makes it easy for you to provide value to your startups and create good investment cases.


About us

EnableMagic grew out of the problems we experienced first hand running our incubator in Oslo.

Seeing that these were major problems all over Europe as well, we choose to solve them. We know how much it takes to manage an innovation hub. It's about time that this is made easier and that's our goal.

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