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About EnableMagic - Our journey!

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EnableMagic grew out of the challenges the founders experienced while running an incubator in Norway. As the incubator scaled, a digital system to help manage and automate their community and processes was needed. After speaking to more than 150 incubators, accelerators, clusters and other innovation hubs we learned that such a system didn’t exist, and that innovation hubs all over Europe were struggling with the same things. We saw through our market research that there were three core challenges:

· - 9 out 10 startups fail because they lack knowledge and experience about how to solve large problems and build great companies.

· - Innovation hubs are closed off. Knowledge transfer and communication is hard and the bigger they are, the less time they have to spend on directly helping their startups.

· - Startups and SMBs are black holes of information, making it hard to help them with what they need when they need it.


While this is happening there are companies and nations spending billions of dollars to drive innovation, solve problems and ensure economic growth and competitiveness. Yet the companies that are meant to benefit from these sums and actions are not succeeding.

We established EnableMagic in 2020, focused on creating the system that helps both the innovation hubs succeed in their work as well as helping the startups reach their goals. We secured a grant from the Norwegian Research Council of approximately 100K £ and we have since then spoken to over 300 innovation hubs in Europe. We’ve seen that the problems innovation hubs are facing, affects the whole value chain of innovation.

That’s why we aim to be best at one thing, which is actionable insight. Through actionable insight we will ensure that startups make the right decisions and create value, that innovation hubs spend more time on their startups, and investors and corporate collaborators have the insight they need to make good decision regarding their startup relations.

During our now eighteen months journey we have grown to become an international company with customers both in Norway and The United Kingdom. We are determined and motivated to move forward and we’re currently closing an investment round that will increase our growth forward.If you would like to be part of our journey forward as an employee, partner, customer or investor, contact us!"

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