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An accelerator Use Case - How EnableMagic helps you manage your program

Who is Metta?

Metta is one of our customers and they design and deliver global innovation and accelerator programs. One of their programs is in the aerospace industry with a leading OEM. Through this program, Metta has been using EnableMagic to facilitate, organize and execute effective communication, information flow, resource-sharing, and overview of the participants.

The following use cases explains how EnableMagic has been helping Metta through their first month of their accelerator program.

Use case 1

Primary actor: Program Manager

Secondary actor: Startup founder/participant

System: EnableMagic

Goal: Get resources out to the startups/participants

Scenario: The program manager categorizes and links all resources they have available through EnableMagic and then gives their participants access to these resources. They invite their participants to join their digital ecosystem via email. After the members accept the invitation, they will have full access to all the resources of the accelerator showcased in a structured manner, without needing to ask for them.

Use case 2

Primary actor: Program Manager

Secondary actor: Startup founder/participants

System: EnableMagic

Goal: Effectively communicate important information and make sure it reaches the startups

Scenario: The program manager posts an announcement in the local dashboard of the platform. This announcement will be the first thing the participants see when they log in, as well as it will send out a notification through email without containing information overload. The participants will receive the information both on email as well as it will be displayed in the digital platform of their program.

Use case 3

Primary actor: Program Manager

Secondary actor: Startup founder/participants

System: EnableMagic

Goal: Make sure the startups know the next steps of the program

Scenario: The program manager either integrates their already existing calendar with their planned events or they create an ecosystem calendar through EnableMagic. The planned events are displayed on the local dashboard which is the first thing the participants see when they log in. Location, time & date as well as general information about the event is also showcased here.

Feedback from Metta

We asked Metta what the biggest change for them has been since they started using EnableMagic, and the first noticeable change was that they don’t receive a bunch of questions of where to find resources and information.

I asked our participants if they had the information they needed and the reply I got was: “yes, it’s in EnableMagic.” - Dana, Program Associate.

Since starting to use EnableMagic, Metta has received fewer questions regarding where to find specific information and resources from their founders. This has made it easier for Metta to focus on the value-driven work they do, which is helping the startups grow and develop through the program.

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