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Incubators needs and challenges

Incubators can be defined as high-paced innovation hubs because of their hands-on-approach when helping start-ups succeed. They provide everything from network, mentoring, resources and guidance, and are normally the first innovation hub startups will engage with.

Granting the startups access to the incubator’s ecosystem and network has traditionally been done through a community manager, combined with an office space. This manual way of working and providing value for startups results in growth challenges for incubators. The need to build a digital infrastructure that can keep up with the growth and increased complexity of startups and at the same time provide the needed overview and insight to better serve your startups is needed.

The traditional way of building the digital infrastructure has been using several different digital tools, but this has only led to more work and system-fatigue for the startup. They don’t want to be on just another system to be managed effectively.

The need for solving these growth challenges for incubators is still existing despite the efforts to solve it, and by solving these issues and optimizing incubator-management we can increase startups’ success and value creation within incubators.

EnableMagic does this by delivering three core values to incubators:

  • Centralizing and automating information flow and insight in the incubator's ecosystem. Giving startups the ability to easily access resources, mentors, guidance and the network of the incubator. Centralizing everything startups need with easy ways of finding the solutions to their challenges reduces system-fatigue and strengthens the digital infrastructure of your incubator.

  • A way for incubators and their network to have overview over the incubator’s resource use, startup needs, and the startups’ journey. This information is analyzed and provided automatically as actionable insight that can be used to make value-driven decisions in terms of the incubator’s services and helping startups more proactively.

  • Create digital community arenas for knowledge sharing and networking where startups can leverage combined knowledge of the whole ecosystem to help them succeed.

In short, we build the infrastructure that allows any innovation hub to gather data to ensure knowledge transfer and actionable insight to all parties participating in that hub. We help the innovation hubs succeed in creating sustainable and value-driven ecosystems that ultimately help the startups succeed with solving their problems.

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